Welcome to The NEW High and Mighty!

The High and Mighty started out as an Instagram page and Etsy shop in February 2017, and we’ve grown considerably since then. We’ve sent thousands of products to hundreds of cities in dozens of states and provinces, and in the process have gathered a little fan following on Instagram and Twitter!

We’re so excited and proud to announce the launch of our brand new website and shop. We’ve worked tirelessly for the better part of 2018 so far to bring together information about our brand and provide a no-fuss way to shop. Of course, you can still buy some of our products on our Etsy store, but the best selection is right here on (you don’t even have to change your bookmarks! Unless you bookmarked our Etsy URL, in which case, you might have to…)

So, take a look around and then let us know what you think! Reach us any time on Instagram and Twitter, or hit us up by email.


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