Rolling Picks

Our Rolling Pick will change your life. If you’ve ever been unsatisfied with crooked, lumpy joints, the Rolling Pick is the solution you’ve been waiting for. It’s the best tool on the market that lets you roll consistently beautiful and well-packed joints effortlessly in minutes without the usual fuss and mess. You’ll never be embarrassed to roll in front of your friends again.

Have we mentioned that it comes in a variety of enchanting colours, making it eye-catching and easy to keep track of in your hectic day-to-day. The Pick might be small, but it is incredibly effective and adaptable. It is designed to be easy to use and fit compactly in any stoner’s rolling kit — so you can even roll on the go!


Using the Pick is really easy and straightforward, and it works with any rolling technique. The pointy end lets you spread and pack the weed fast and easy without losing any bud or having it stick to your fingers. And the flat end works to tamp down stray weed at the tip of your joint so it doesn’t get caught in the twist. You can even use the Pick to pack bowls.


The Rolling Pick had its genesis in 2013, when it became clear that a more elegant solution was needed for rolling evenly pack joints easily and reliably. There are any number of ways to master rolling joints using any combination of household items, but those methods are typically complicated, require more dexterity and take a long time for the novice smoker to master with any kind of consistency.

The first iteration of the Rolling Pick was purely utilitarian. With one thick end perfect for shaping the cone and a thin end for packing, it quickly became an essential tool in our stoner toolbox. When the OG Rolling Pick finally gave up the ghost after three years of faithful, constant use, it was time to develop the next iteration. By this point, we knew exactly how we wanted to improve on the design. The perfect Rolling Pick needed a pointy end to spread and pack the weed and a flat, wider end to tamp down stray bud at the tip that otherwise gets caught in the twist, all while having a distinctive and appealing look to it.

Today, the Rolling Pick checks all of those boxes and more. With more than a thousand Picks (and counting) sold world wide, we’re confident that we’ve created a truly indispensable rolling tool. There’s still nothing quite like it on the market, and because each pick is lovingly handcrafted (with limited edition Picks coming out of our workshop all the time), no two are exactly alike. Everyday, more stoners are turning on to this new way to roll better doobs — you should join them.

Rolling Picks™ is a registered trademark of The High and Mighty®