Unicorn Pot Leaf Patch


Colours: Unicorn gradient
Size: approx 3×3″

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Oh Unicorn Leaf, how we adore you! Everyone needs a touch of whimsy in their day to day. Even better when you can personalize that prized jacket or bag to carry a spot of brightness around with you all day. The Unicorn Leaf is all about expressing the reality you want to live in.

We know the world can be drab and grey sometimes — especially in the winter months — but we don’t want the grind to get you down. That’s why we made this patch — to give you a symbol of all the fantastical things you’re capable of achieving. So wear the Unicorn Leaf as a reminder that you own your destiny and nobody can conquer your whimsy!

Designed by The High and Mighty and made in Canada, these patches come in our iconic unicorn colours and are ideal for sewing onto denim jackets, back packs, pencil cases and anything else you can get a needle and thread through. Patches are 3” by 3”.


*This product is not available in Quebec*