Tokin’ Kittens


6 Weatherproof Vinyl Stickers
Sheet Size: 4×6″
Sticker Size: approx 1.5″

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Puff puff… meow!

The only thing better than smoking weed is having a cat friend to smoke weed with. These adorable fur-balls are the perfect stoner’s companion — always down to smoke up and chill.

These durable, waterproof vinyl stickers are great for decorating notebooks or sticking on your phone case. They adhere to virtually any clean, smooth surface, so go nuts! Comes in a set of six stickers.

Seriously, these stickers are on there good and forever, so make sure you have permission before you start putting them all over the place!

(The High and Mighty doesn’t condone giving your pets drugs.)


*This product is not available in Quebec*