Crystal Glitter Rolling Pick


Colour: Glitter/White
Size: Between 2 and 2.5 inches

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The mighty Rolling Pick is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This unique rolling tool lets even the most inexperienced smoker roll beautiful, well-packed joints every time. Why struggle with pen caps, toothpicks and other improvised tools when the Rolling Pick has all your rolling needs in mind? This versatile little gadget is a must-have in any stoner’s toolbox.

Using the Pick is really easy and straightforward, and is adaptable to any rolling technique. The pointy end lets you spread and pack the weed fast and easy without losing any bud or having it stick to your fingers. And the flat end works to tamp down stray weed at the tip of your joint so it doesn’t get caught in the twist. You can even use the Pick to pack bowls.

Best of all, you’ll never lose track of it. The Rolling Pick comes in a variety of eye-catching colours. Its distinctive and appealing design is unlike any other rolling tool on the market. Once you start rolling with our Pick, you’ll never want to go without it.

Designed and developed by The High and Mighty, each Rolling Pick is lovingly handcrafted, making every Pick unique. They measure in at roughly 2.25 inches and are available in a variety of colours.

Disclaimer: Your pick may not be identical to the product pictures as some minor variances are to be expected in handmade goods. That just means that no other Rolling Pick is identical to yours.