Albert Patch


Colours: Bright green
Size: approx 2.25×2.25″

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Albert makes friends wherever he goes. From school teachers and nurses to even you and me. Look at his little leaflet and his big bright eyes, is there any wonder why?

He’s got a smile for everyone. This humble little leaf has a big mission in life. When he was just a bud on his mama plant, he saw the joy and happiness his big brothers and sisters brought to the few people who came around. Eventually it was harvest time and Albert decided that he needed to spread those good feelings to everyone who needed them.

If you are ever stressed out, or are in pain, Albert is there for you. If you can’t sleep or have an upset stomach, Albert is there for you. If you just want to unwind and have a good time, Albert is there for you. He never asks for anything in return and he’ll never let you down.

Don’t you want this little guy riding shotgun on all your adventures?

Designed by The High and Mighty and made in Canada, these patches come in a vivid shade of bright green and are ideal for sewing onto denim jackets, back packs, pencil cases and anything else you can get a needle and thread through. Patches are 2 1/4” by 2 1/4”.


*This product is not available in Quebec*