So it’s Legalized – Now What?

The Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) comes into effect on October 17th, 2018. At that point, recreational consumption of Cannabis will be legal, but strictly regulated & the reaction from Canadians to the regulations has been mixed. Many are outright thrilled that the law has finally passed, whatever its final form, while others decry a law they see as imperfect at best – with Cannabis products being limited by statute to Canadian-only sources & small businesses seeing important restrictions on how they can market their cannabis-related products, outright bad at worst – especially in those ways it fails to bring the existing non-violent parts of the “black market” into legality.

What this all means for you personally (& for us here at the High and Mighty) remains the big question. To that end, we’re embarking on a very ambitious project! Please stay tuned, because our plan is to produce a resource for the average stoner facing the brave new world of legal weed in Canada.

We have already begun reviewing C-45’s final text. Once we’ve finished, we’ll be reviewing the full text of every Cannabis Legalization law passed by each province. Our goal is to produce a guide for what you can & cannot do under the new law, to show where provincial laws conflict with the new federal legislation as a sort of preview for what to expect in the many, many court challenges to come, and to help you understand your rights & obligations in this New World Order.

We’re excited about this project because a Layperson’s Guide to the Cannabis Act is something which we feel is desperately needed ahead of October 17 & we think of our brand as representing more than just some cool rolling tools, great aesthetics & successful stoners everywhere – we also see our brand as an opportunity to do some good. What better place to start?

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